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construction and infrastructure investment

construction and infrastructure investment
we are dedicated to expanding a happy living environment for our clients and end-users. striving to become a new construction industrialisation group with strong international competitiveness, we implement the “technology empowerment” strategy as well as a four-in-one business model: technology, investment, construction and program management. founded in 1979 in hong kong, we became a publicly traded company on the hong kong stock exchange (stock code in 2005. during fiscal year 2022, we reaped new contracts worth hk$160.7 billion, turnover of hk$ 102billion and a net profit of hk$8 billion.
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business model


we conduct construction-related investment business on the chinese mainland through our subsidiary "china state construction international investments limited", which is a leading urban comprehensive investment operator in the area.

the scope of our business covers affordable housing, hospitals, and other public buildings; roads, bridges, and other infrastructure; the development and operation of industrial parks as well as the r&d and production of prefabricated buildings.

with our leading prefabricated building technology and international project management system, as well as an efficient investment model with differentiated competitive advantages, we have successfully expanded into more than 80 cities in 21 provinces with a total investment of over hk$ 500 billion.


we are the largest contractor of housing engineering, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering in hong kong and macao. our subsidiaries — china state construction engineering (hong kong) limited" and "china construction engineering (macau) company limited" — carry out construction business in hong kong and macao respectively.


we built 15 percent of the public housing in hong kong, which means 1 out of every 15 hong kong people lives in the flats constructed by us.

we laid 334 kilometres of water pipelines, delivering 70 percent of hong kong's fresh water supply.

in hong kong, we participated in more than 25 percent of hospital projects, building more than one-eighth of the total hospital beds.

our accumulated reclamation area in hong kong exceeded 8.85 million square meters, equivalent to one-ninth of the size of hong kong island.

one out of every 8 macao residents lives in a building constructed by us.

some representative projects

in 2020, we designed and completed 4 quarantine centre projects including the lei yue mun quarantine centre and penny's bay quarantine centre, providing nearly 2,000 quarantine units, more than half of the new quarantine centres in hong kong.

in 2021, we undertook the construction of major projects aided by the central government — the north lantau hospital hong kong infection control centre and community treatment facility project, providing 816 negative pressure isolation beds for hong kong, doubling the original number. this allowed the hksar government to process 1,500 virus samples every day, increasing the overall testing volume of hong kong public hospitals by 15 percent and greatly improving the city's ability to resist the pandemic.

in 2022, we undertake the task of building community isolation facilities in hong kong aided by the central government: six temporary community isolation facilities that provide more than 20,000 beds and two permanent community isolation treatment facilities that have more than 9,500 isolation units and ancillary facilities.

curtain wall works

one of our subsidiaries is "china state construction development holdings limited", which is listed on hong kong stock exchange (stock code as the world's leading one-stop service provider for high-end property exterior wall solutions, the company is a first-class international curtain wall professional company in the world.

with mainland china, hong kong and macau as its core, china state construction development holdings limited" has successfully entered various overseas markets, such as the united kingdom, the united states, canada, dubai, singapore, japan, australia, and chile. its business covers 5 continents, 11 countries, and 43 cities, building over 960 iconic curtain wall projects, including six representative projects, namely, burj khalifa in dubai, the 36-story murray road project in hong kong’s central business district, shanghai international financial center, hong kong cruise terminal, mgm macau, shanghai jianguoli phase ii, and apple sanlitun in beijing.

prefabricated construction

“china state construction hailong technology company limited”, a subsidiary of the group, is a technology company specialising in solutions for the whole industry chain of new construction methods. it is a comprehensive service provider of prefabricated buildings that integrates design, research and development, production, general contracting of modular building and testing.

hailong technology has been engaged in the prefabricated construction business since the early 1990s and is among the first batch of “china's housing industrialisation bases” and “national high-tech enterprises”. it is also a certified supplier of multiple hong kong authorities, such as the housing authority, the buildings department and the drainage services department. it consists of seven major production bases and four major scientific and technological research institutes in china. with its construction products being sold to the mainland, hong kong and macao, hailong has completed over 310 prefabricated construction projects with a total construction area of about 34 million square metres.

as a leader in the era of construction industrialisation 4.0, hailong technology is the only enterprise that has obtained the access qualification of mic (modular-integrated construction) for concrete and steel structures at the same time in hong kong. it is also the first enterprise to promote the market-oriented application of multi-rise mic nationwide. the group has been rapidly building the mic industry chain, moving towards the direction of exporting technologies and integrating the industry chain.


the company entered the asset operations business in the 1990s. we own and operate a number of expressways, bridges, ports, logistics facilities and thermal power plants by acquisition, capital contribution from the parent company, ppp, transfer-operate-transfer (tot), transfer-own-operate (too), and build-operate-transfer (bot), equipping a strong city operation capacity.

construction innovation

core qualifications

the company is on the list of approved contractors (group c, approved by the development bureau) for public works for the categories of buildings, port works, roads and drainage, site formation and waterworks.we are one of the largest nw2 contractors certified by the hong kong housing authority and one of the first contractors in hong kong to obtain iso9001, iso14001 and ohsas 18001 certifications.

china construction engineering (macau) company limited was the first company to acquire a construction enterprise license to operate in mainland china with hong kong and macau qualifications.

china state construction engineering (hong kong) limited obtained the record certificate issued by the shenzhen qianhai authority, becoming the first professional institution in the field of engineering construction in hong kong to obtain professional qualifications in qianhai. this allows the company to undertake projects in qianhai with four super-class general contracting qualifications for construction.

prefabricated business:

one of the first enterprises to be the "national housing industrialisation base" and "national high-tech enterprise"

curtain wall business:

the company is a grade a supervision enterprise approved by the ministry of housing and urban-rural development with top comprehensive strength.

supervision business:

class a engineering design certificate and professional certificate in curtain wall engineering

technological innovation

the company actively responds to the national science and technology development strategy and adheres to the implementation of cscec’s "one creation and five strong" strategy and "166" strategic measures to formulate the scientific and technological innovation development plan of china state construction international holdings limited, and establish an expert committee composed of academicians of the chinese academy of engineering and industry authoritative experts, to provide decision-making solution for the company's scientific and technological development strategy and promote the company's scientific and technological innovation work. at the same time, the company continuously increases investment in science and technology by establishing the " china state construction international holdings science and technology development fund" to promote scientific and technological research and development as well as the application of advanced technology, and strengthen the research and development of core technologies so as to enhance the core competitiveness of the company.

7 research centres of the “institute of building technology of china state construction international holdings limited”:

  1. the prefabricated building technology research centre that has a professional team with design, manufacturing, construction and materials experts to comprehensively develop key technologies of prefabricated buildings;
  2. the smart curtain wall technology research centre that has a professional team with first-class technical capabilities in the world to develop complex curtain wall standardised design and intelligent production and efficient installation technology so as to take the lead in overcoming global technical problems in the industry;
  3. the medical building technology research centre that has a professional team of medical planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance. it is committed to the research and development of international-standard modern hospital construction technology and the core technology of modular hospital construction;
  4. the hotel building technology research centre that has a first-class professional team. it is committed to the research on key technologies for the construction of large-scale modern hotels with international standards, and aims at continuously promoting technological innovation and integrated applications;
  5. the infrastructure engineering technology research centre that develops core construction technologies including complex geological tunnel engineering, submarine immersed tunnel engineering, highway construction and maintenance, and large-scale environmental protection facility construction. the research centre also consists of subsidiary research centres for road and bridge engineering technology, infrastructure investment model innovation and safety technology and new green construction technology;
  6. the building information modelling research centre that carries out research on the integrated application of bim technology and continuously expands the quality of bim application;
  7. the smart construction research centre that integrates 5g, vr, ai, iot, robotics and other technologies, independently develops c-smart construction site products, and creates a digital construction integrated management platform for independent intellectual property rights.

based on its rich engineering technology and management experience, the company has built up six core technologies.

  1. key technology of tunnel construction in complex environment
  2. key technology of international-standard hotel construction
  3. key technology of design and construction of international-standard hospitals
  4. key technology of construction and operation of environmental protection projects
  5. key technology of complex glass curtain wall manufacturing and construction
  6. key technology of rapid modular integrated construction (mic)