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the social responsibility

rural revitalization

industry support

since 2019, china oilfield group has given full play to the resource advantage of "china construction huinong" brand, driven the sales amount of agricultural special products in three counties of gansu province to nearly 40 million yuan, promoted the development of local industries, and helped the poor households to achieve sustainable income increase. to open "zhonghai youjia" entity stores to help, to create "haihui optimal" help mall, research and development online more than 40 local characteristics of goods, to achieve online and offline linkage sales, for the three counties to create "longkang old tree walnut", "kangxiang mushroom", "kangxian zongzi" and other characteristics of the brand, it has driven the sales of walnut meat to exceed 30,000 pounds, mushroom to exceed 3 million yuan, and zongzi to exceed 38,000 boxes, which has been recognized by consumers and the local government's thumb up.

consumer support

taking advantage of network technology, the company will create "haihui preferred" e-commerce platform in 2019, and build the integration of supply and marketing of zhonghai help special products through the interactive marketing model of "online offline". in 2019, a total of 17 million yuan of trade volume has been achieved, effectively helping poor areas open the road to agricultural products sales.

education support

relying on its high-quality education resources, zhonghai has promoted the "spring bud action", "send education to gansu", "future education experimental class" and "pair support action plan" in three counties of gansu province, covering more than 200 teachers and 2,000 students, helping to improve the local education level.

employment assistance

actively provide jobs for local poor families. since september 2018, we have been to the three counties to hold special job fairs for helping and assisting. more than 430 applicants have been negotiated, and nearly 20 people have been officially recruited.