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time:2016-11-03 17:05:10source: china overseas holdings limited
 (25 october 2016) china overseas holdings limited (hereinafter referred to as “cohl” or the “group”), as a people-oriented company, always attaches importance to employees’ work-life balance and strives to create a harmonious workplace for its staff members by actively implementing family-friendly measures in the workplace. cohl was again honored to be awarded as “family-friendly employer 2015/16”, and “special mention 2015/16” award - for which have also been awarded “family-friendly employers” either in 2011 or 2013/14. the awards were presented by the family council, recognizing its long-standing commitment to promote family-friendly employment policies and practices in the workplace.
the biennial “family-friendly employers award scheme” was first launched in 2011 to raise awareness of the employers of the importance of family core values, and to foster a pro-family culture and environment. also, to give recognition to employers that demonstrate a family-friendly spirit and encourage them to implement family-friendly employment policies and practices.
to ensure an optimum work-life balance, cohl has introduced five-day work week and offered extra holidays to employees on special occasions, such as paid paternity leave for male employees, marriage leave, festival leave that employees are granted early leave on festive days, and compassionate leave. we believe that staff working in a family-friendly environment can be more concentrated in their work, which in turn will benefit the company’s development.
 cohl is also dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle for its staff and strengthening cohesion. activities include “summer camp for mainland and hong kong youth”, “china overseas” mainland and hong kong art exchange programme and etc, in which the staff and their families are invited to participate, allowing them to enjoy the family life while serving the community. the group also arranges a wide array of interest classes and recreational activities, such as cultivation class, marathon training, excursions & hiking ,weekly free badminton playing, and sport competitions etc. staff is always one of the most valuable assets for cohl, we provide multiple channels of communication in place to encourage two-way communication with employees which in turn enhances staff loyalty to the group.

as a good corporate citizenship, cohl strives to be social responsible by setting up “china overseas charity fund”, which has so far donated funds to support the construction of 11 china overseas hope schools, and being awarded the unmdg better world company label, wgo’s green office label award scheme, as well as the caring company logo by the hong kong council of social service for five consecutive years.