chairman zhou naixiang of china construction group went to zhuoni county of gansu province to investigate and inspect "zhonghai youjia" poverty alleviation store | 中國海外集團-pg电子(中国)官方网站

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chairman zhou naixiang of china construction group went to zhuoni county of gansu province to investigate and inspect "zhonghai youjia" poverty alleviation store

time: 2019-11-26 15:24:47  source: china overseas holdings limited

from november 23 to 24, zhou naixiang, chairman of cscec, led a team to zhuoni county, gannan tibetan autonomous prefecture, gansu province to carry out research on poverty alleviation. chen xiaofeng, executive director and chief financial officer of cnooc group, and yang ou, ceo of cnooc property, attended the research and related activities.

on the morning of the 24th, zhou naixiang and his party braved the snow to go to the zhuoni characteristic industry demonstration zone project aided by china construction group. the first stop came to the "zhonghai youjia" physical store, listened to the report on poverty alleviation work, watched the publicity video of poverty alleviation work, and had a cordial conversation with the employees in the store. in front of the poverty alleviation products exhibition stand, zhou naixiang inquired about the quality and sales of agricultural and sideline products in the store in detail, and tasted the poverty alleviation food in person. yang ou introduced the operation of the newly established "haihui youyou" e-commerce platform of zhonghai property. in just two months, the company has rapidly opened up the export market of poverty alleviation products through online employee welfare purchase, marketing store purchase and c-end customer purchase, and has obtained 15 million yuan of poverty alleviation agricultural products orders. zhou naixiang fully affirmed the practice of driving and promoting the sales of poverty alleviation products through his mature customer network, and stressed the need to "concentrate resources of cscec and run poverty alleviation stores well".

later, zhou naixiang and his party attended the forum on poverty alleviation in gannan tibetan autonomous prefecture and zhuoni county. at the meeting, yu chenghui, deputy director of the standing committee of gansu provincial people's congress and secretary of gannan tibetan autonomous prefecture party committee, expressed his heartfelt thanks to cscec and cnooc for their targeted poverty alleviation work. he believed that cnooc had achieved remarkable results in helping local economic and social development by creating poverty alleviation brands and expanding the market of agricultural products. in the forum, zhou naixiang pointed out: cscec has been continuously increasing its support efforts to promote poverty alleviation through industry, employment, education and consumption. it is a good way for cnooc to develop consumption (e-commerce) poverty alleviation, open online "haihui optimization" platform, and open offline poverty alleviation stores. it is necessary to continue to mobilize cscec employees and social forces to make poverty alleviation stores bigger and stronger, strive to achieve more excellent results next year and make greater contributions to the economic development and social livelihood of the three counties in gansu province.

focusing on the next step of targeted poverty alleviation work, zhou naixiang stressed at the meeting: we should actively implement the national arrangements for poverty alleviation work, work hard on targeted poverty alleviation, offer practical measures and see actual results. we should continue to focus on local resource advantages, labor resources, characteristic agricultural and sideline products, education and teaching conditions, and the pairing and co construction of grass-roots organizations, give full play to our own advantages, build a long-term working mechanism, continue to work hard and make contributions for a long time, and win the final battle of poverty alleviation in an all-round way.

yang wu, member of the standing committee, secretary general and secretary of zhuoni county party committee of gannan tibetan autonomous prefecture, and han mingsheng, deputy secretary and head of zhuoni county party committee, and other local government leaders participated in the survey. relevant persons in charge of the planning and management department, the corporate culture department and the eighth bureau of china construction corporation participated in the investigation.