fok yingdong group chairman fok zhenting and his party visited china shipping group | 中國海外集團-pg电子(中国)官方网站

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fok yingdong group chairman fok zhenting and his party visited china shipping group

time: 2018-05-15 14:52:33  source: china overseas holdings limited

on may 14, 2018, zhou yong, chairman of china shipping group, and yan jianguo, vice chairman and general manager, met with the visiting hong kong fok yingdong group fok zhenting at china overseas building, wanchai, hong kong chairman and his party.

on behalf of the group, jay chou warmly welcomed chairman huo and his entourage, and gave a brief introduction to the other party on the overall overview of the group, operating conditions, and the history of cooperation between the two parties. zhou dong emphasized that fok yingdong group and chairman fok have a long-standing friendly relationship with china shipping group. he hopes that the two sides will continue to carry out in-depth cooperation in more areas in the future based on this, so as to jointly create regional development benchmark projects and create a better living environment for the people. mr. yan introduced the development status, industrial layout, and key projects of the group's real estate sector (including the citizen service center in xiong'an new district, etc.). he hoped that the two parties could collaborate to make use of their respective advantages and develop more cooperation in emerging cities in the mainland. chairman huo thanked china shipping group for its kind reception and briefly introduced the development history and current business situation of huo yingdong group. chairman huo fully recognized the development speed, intensity and height of china shipping group as a large-scale central enterprise in hong kong, and said that in the future, he will actively interconnect and interconnect with such outstanding, large-scale and well-reputed enterprises like china shipping group, and work hand in hand. subsequently, the two parties further determined the cooperation and contact mechanism and launched discussions on related regional projects.

fok yingdong group vice president huo qigang, vice president huo qishan, vice president zhang yi, vice president of china overseas development, assistant president han chunlin, assistant president huang jiang of china state construction international attended the meeting.