china shipping group's "energy conservation and emission reduction" program "low carbon and healthy workplace" series of activities launched | 中國海外集團-pg电子(中国)官方网站

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china shipping group's "energy conservation and emission reduction" program "low carbon and healthy workplace" series of activities launched

time: 2018-05-15 12:20:17  source: china overseas holdings limited

in order to cooperate with china overseas group’s 2018 "energy conservation and emission reduction" program’s annual theme of "low carbon life. save materials and reduce waste", the group and its subsidiaries will be held from april to friday. a series of activities focusing on "low-carbon living" and "healthy workplace" were organized and carried out in september, including the "healthy workplace lecture and bonsai workshop" organized by the group headquarters., the "safety and environmental management conference" organized by china state construction international, through a variety of formats and content, calls on colleagues from different business lines and positions to practice environmental protection in accordance with their actual conditions.

in recent years, the group has been committed to advocating the construction of green offices and actively organizing various educational and entertaining activities to enhance the physical and mental health of employees, and at the same time strengthen everyone’s awareness of environmental protection, and build a green company culture.

the group’s "healthy workshop lecture and bonsai workshop" was well received by colleagues

this year’s first "energy saving and emission reduction" event was the "healthy workshop lecture and bonsai workshop" organized by the group headquarters, attracting nearly 50 people from the headquarters and subsidiaries in hong kong colleagues participate. in the event, the instructor vividly explained how to implement energy saving and emission reduction from aspects of daily life, office habits, diet structure, waste disposal and so on. the colleagues also personally produced glass bonsai with air purification function under the guidance of the instructor, which not only exerted creativity and relieved work fatigue, the finished work also achieved the effect of improving indoor air quality, strengthening employee health, and greening the office environment.

china state construction international holds "safety and environmental management conference"

in early april, china state construction international participated in the "14th" organized by the china urban science research association, the department of housing and urban-rural development of guangdong province, and the zhuhai municipal people’s government in zhuhai. "international green building and building energy conservation conference and new technology and product expo", company representatives learned about building carbon emission management, new green energy-saving technologies, new trends, etc., and collected relevant information, which was held in hong kong at the end of april two consecutive "safety and environmental management conferences" delivered environmental information related to their own business to safety and environmental management personnel at the company's construction sites. the safety and environmental management personnel also shared their work on safety, health and environmental protection on their sites, and pledged to promote the concept of "low-carbon and healthy workplaces".

china overseas business has set up a "common reading" corner in the public area of ​​the office building

in addition, various regional companies also actively responded to the group’s call and organized various activities in accordance with the company’s business and characteristics. china shipping business launched the "open your mind to lead readers in the city" activity and introduced the concept of "shared reading". a mini shared library was set up in the lobby of the office building for many tenants to borrow for free, in order to encourage tenants to participate and practice a low-carbon and green lifestyle. . china shipping business also launched the "lights off for one hour" activity in more than 20 office buildings in 11 cities across the country, and joined hands with office buildings to settle in enterprises to contribute to environmental protection and public welfare undertakings.

china overseas property launches low-carbon knowledge lectures and "green china overseas environmental carnival"

in early may, china overseas property group held a knowledge seminar on "energy-saving and environmental protection, green office, low-carbon life" in the product propaganda department of the company’s headquarters. innovative concepts, and gradually increase employees' awareness of business environmental protection, and encourage everyone to develop good habits of saving resources during the office process. and by posting small energy-saving signs in the office area, remind everyone to practice a low-carbon and environmentally-friendly lifestyle at all times.

china overseas property also called on the owners to join the ranks of environmental protection, organized a series of "green china overseas environmental carnival" and invited more than 70 owners to participate in the "two feet measurement·green future" campaign , to establish the belief of maintaining a green home between the neighborhoods, and the owners have shown their determination to practice a low-carbon life.

this year’s "energy conservation and emission reduction" plan is continuing. the group will hold a large-scale seminar on "indoor environmental testing and management" in mid-june, and other exciting , hope you will continue to support , actively participate.