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china overseas group was certified as a "hong kong green organization"

time: 2018-03-26 11:09:51  source: china overseas holdings limited

china overseas group was successfully certified as a "hong kong green organization" in the "hong kong green organization" certification program jointly organized by the environmental campaign committee and the environmental protection department. encourage the group to implement environmental protection measures in different areas and commend the group's contribution and commitment to environmental protection.

china overseas group successfully holds "waste reduction certificate", "energy saving certificate", and signs relevant environmental protection agreements launched and supported by the hong kong special administrative region government, including indoor temperature the energy saving charter, the 4ts charter and the "no tungsten light bulb" energy saving charter have been certified as the "hong kong green organization".

china overseas group has been promoting energy-saving construction technology in the real estate, construction and property management business process, reducing energy consumption during operation, and making every effort to create green building design, construction, and property management. management and green office are committed to reducing the group's greenhouse gas emissions and helping to mitigate global climate change. since 2016, the group has launched the "energy saving and emission reduction" plan. by promoting green measures in the office, setting targets, monitoring data, establishing systems, and holding workshops, the group actively raises the environmental awareness of employees and encourages everyone to contribute to the promotion of environmental protection in their daily work. sustainable development makes a contribution. for details of the "energy conservation and emission reduction" program, please refer to

"hong kong green organization certification" is a credible certification program, organized by the environmental campaign committee, the environmental protection department and nine organizations, namely: environmental advisory committee , business environmental protection association, the chinese general chamber of commerce, the chinese manufacturers' association of hong kong, the federation of hong kong industries, the chinese importers and exporters association of hong kong, the hong kong council of social service, the hong kong general chamber of commerce and the hong kong productivity council. the purpose of this plan is to set benchmarks for organizations with outstanding achievements in green management, encourage participating organizations to implement environmental improvement measures in different areas, and commend their contributions and commitments in environmental protection. organizations accredited by the scheme can be awarded the title of "hong kong green organization".