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    china state construction international announces 2017 annual results

    time: 2018-03-19 11:03:48  source: china overseas holdings limited

    (march 16, 2018) china state construction international group co., ltd. ("china state construction international", hereinafter referred to as the "group", stock code: 03311) announced today annual performance. the audited profit attributable to shareholders for the year ended december 31, 2017 was hk$5.49 billion, a year-on-year increase of 7.0%; of which, the core business profit was hk$5.07 billion, a year-on-year increase of 22.1%. achieved a turnover of hk$50.15 billion, a year-on-year increase of 8.5%. the gross profit margin was 15.2%, a year-on-year increase of 17.8 percentage points. the board of directors recommended the payment of a final dividend of hk$20 cents per share for the year ended december 31, 2017. together with the interim dividend of hk15 cents per share, the total dividend for the whole year will be hk35 cents per share.

    in 2017, the global economy accelerated on a broader basis, and investment, manufacturing, and trade all recovered steadily. the u.s. economy continued to expand. during the year, the federal reserve raised interest rates three times, planned to gradually reduce the scale of its balance sheet, and launch a new round of tax reform at the end of the year; europe is facing a lot of political resistance but the economy is still improving; under the background of "remove one drop and one supplement", the company achieved unexpected growth, further demonstrating broad and profound resilience and vitality. this year, the group established the business policy of "overcoming difficulties, improving quality and efficiency, synergistic innovation, and precision branding", that is, in the face of the complicated market situation, strengthen confidence, face difficulties, deepen internal and external synergy, and promote business transformation and upgrading , to achieve both scale and efficiency improvements, vigorously promote the spirit of craftsmanship, and create a new level of quality brand.

    looking forward to 2018, the global economy will continue to recover in an all-round way, but it still faces potential downside risks such as geopolitical tensions, rising trade protectionism, and tightening of the global financial environment. the us tax reform and its interest rate hike cycle are superimposed. in the short and medium term, it may stimulate the strengthening of the us dollar and have a spillover effect on the global economic and financial environment. in the long term, it will drive the return of the us dollar and benefit the us investment and construction market. the chinese economy continues to grow steadily and has become an important engine for global economic growth. "leveraging and risk prevention" will become the main theme of macroeconomic policies. the group will pay close attention to macroeconomic and industry market trends, focus on improving market sensitivity and insight, formulate forward-looking business strategies, and proactively respond to changes in the external operating environment.

    the hong kong and macau construction contracting business actively integrates internal and external resources, flexibly adjusts bidding strategies in accordance with market changes, improves the effectiveness of project winning, and stabilizes the status of hong kong and macau as the largest contractor. china state construction hong kong actively participates in the bidding of large-scale public projects, focusing on tracking the mainland chinese real estate developers who come to invest in hong kong, deploying a pragmatic and efficient management team, optimizing the investment management and control workflow, and creating a new situation of "investment-driven contracting", which is also aimed at small and medium-sized projects. appropriate bidding can be used to consolidate market share; china state construction macau actively participates in government and private project bidding, focusing on high-quality negotiated projects to ensure the steady growth of the construction business. the investment business in mainland china closely follows the national policy guidance, adopts a business strategy that not only seizes market opportunities but also focuses on project quality, ppp projects are selected from among the best, innovative investment and financing models, and proactively respond to the increasingly fierce market competition. intensify efforts to cultivate cooperation resources, fully explore investment opportunities in various provinces, do in-depth and thorough research, cultivate and develop industry introduction, build professional capabilities in industrial research, industrial planning and park planning, and enhance differentiated competition in a homogeneous market advantages, get more and better projects. strengthen project management, work hard, do meticulously, and take the initiative to take various favorable measures to ensure the smooth implementation of the project, and create a batch of demonstration projects with word-of-mouth effects.

    far east global ( gives full play to its international advantages, focuses on the global industrial chain layout, and is committed to becoming a leading high-end curtain wall overall solution service provider. while increasing the scale of traditional curtain wall business in north america, it focuses on the development of new investment businesses; the australian market focuses on design and supply markets, strengthens process control, and steadily increases market share. in addition, far east global actively explores business model innovation, strengthens the linkage of internal resources, and promotes business transformation and upgrading.