china overseas hope primary school's new year care for teachers and students in financial difficulties proceeded smoothly | 中國海外集團-pg电子(中国)官方网站

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china overseas hope primary school's new year care for teachers and students in financial difficulties proceeded smoothly

time: 2018-02-13 17:42:51  source: china overseas holdings limited

in order to fulfill corporate social responsibilities, we will help teachers and students from families in financial difficulties in china overseas hope primary school spend a warm and peaceful new year. from february 1-9, led by the china overseas group friendship federation, the 11 hope primary schools responsible units implemented the new year care action in various places smoothly.

in the process of implementing the caring action, each responsible unit fully integrated the actual situation of the preliminary investigation, and organically combined the concentrated care and condolences with visits to the families of teachers and students in difficulties, and targeted the local education authorities, the owners of china shipping, and social media to participate. china shipping's public welfare action handed over the care fund and annual cargo funds to teachers and students in difficulties. during the activity, the leading colleagues of all responsible units braved the severe cold to visit the families of teachers and students in difficulties on foot from house to house, and truly achieved "clearing the last mile of the caring action". this visit has benefited 200 poor students and 11 poor teachers, and a total of 422,000 yuan has been distributed.

the beneficiary teachers and students also expressed their gratitude to china shipping. the teachers said that they will work hard to educate their children in the future, educate them to be grateful, study hard, and give back to the society; the students promised that they will live up to china shipping group in the future. and the expectations of the school, we must study hard and serve the motherland.

since 2005, china overseas group has donated 12 china overseas hope primary schools in the mainland (11 have been delivered). the establishment of the school is just the starting point. for more than ten years, china overseas group has consistently organized various forms of caring and condolences activities such as loving visits, art exchanges, summer camps, etc. in addition, it has continued to encourage and help hope primary school through scholarships, bonuses, and bursaries. teachers and students, a total of 2.391 million yuan was distributed, benefiting 1,707 students and 175 teachers.