china shipping group held the 2017 "gathering in china shipping" second quarter corporate culture promotion tour | 中國海外集團-pg电子(中国)官方网站

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china shipping group held the 2017 "gathering in china shipping" second quarter corporate culture promotion tour

time: 2017-11-20 18:58:07  source: china overseas holdings limited

on november 19, 2017, china shipping group's 2017 "gathering in china shipping" second season corporate culture promotion tour ended successfully at the zhuhai grand theater. the purpose of the event is to enrich the employees' amateur cultural life and convey positive corporate energy. with "vocal music" as the main form, the event showcases the versatility of the employees of china shipping and vividly interprets the corporate culture of china shipping. li jianbo, vice chairman of china overseas group, zhou qinghu, supervisor of china overseas group and chairman of the association, assistant general manager liu weimin and ma fujun of china overseas group, as well as relevant leaders and colleagues of the group and various business lines, relatives and friends groups, observation groups, and local zhuhai nearly a thousand people including partners and media friends came to the scene to watch the event.

the event was launched in early august and received a total of 207 participating videos from 82 units of various business lines, and the response was enthusiastic. after the first round of selection, the second round of assessment, and online popularity voting, the top 10 contestants and final assisting guests were produced. during the selection phase, the media, including text, pictures, and videos, were fully used to promote the event. after the online popularity vote went online, it triggered all members to forward it. in a week, 1.86 million internet visits and 177,000 wechat votes were received, and it was received by employees, family members, owners and cooperation. wide attention from partners. on the day of the final, the top 10 contestants passed two rounds of competitions and voted on the spot to produce the champion, runner-up and runner-up. the event was interspersed with vcr short films reviewing the course of the event, the original song "dream bloom" performed by the finalists collectively, and live performances by the assisting guests. the whole event is guided by a professional music director, with the cooperation of the live electric music team, and is equipped with various types of artistic expressions such as dance and folk music.

china overseas group has always attached great importance to the construction of corporate culture, relying on its operating advantages in mainland china, hong kong, macau, and overseas, to integrate into a unique corporate culture. the "gathering in china overseas" event was held for the first time in 2015, and this year is the second season. the activity takes the staff's literature and art as the carrier, transmits the positive energy of the enterprise, continuously improves the centripetal force and creativity of the employees, and enhances the cohesion and competitiveness of the enterprise.

group photo

li dong presented awards to the champion, second runner-up and second runner-up

champion: zhonghai hongyang-zhang song

runner-up: china overseas real estate north china-ma mingyu

second runner-up: china state construction international investment-wang qian, china overseas real estate northern district-yuan hongyan (combination)

attachment: list of winners
awards winners/units
champion zhonghai hongyang-zhang song
runner-up china overseas property north china-ma mingyu
the second runner-up china state construction international investment-wang qian, china overseas real estate north district-yuan hongyan (combination)
outstanding organization award china state construction international investment
china overseas property (2 teams)
zhonghai hongyang
china overseas property north district
china overseas property east china
china overseas real estate south china
outstanding performance award western region of china overseas real estate-gong lijian
china overseas property east china-liu nanfeng
china overseas property northern district-li xiaochen, china overseas property north china district-guo wei, china overseas property commercial company-wang xiaoran, china state construction macau-hu jiayi (combination)
china state construction international investment-wang pan
china overseas property east china-gao xu
china overseas property (2 teams)-chen yuxi
china state construction international investment-chen cunxin
outstanding performance award group and second-level unit headquarters-declaration
china overseas property west area-tan yiling
china overseas property hong kong and macau company-huang zhizui
zhonghai hongyang-liu wei