china overseas land's brand value has been ranked first in the industry for 14 consecutive years, reaching 59.85 billion yuan | 中國海外集團-pg电子(中国)官方网站

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    china overseas land's brand value has been ranked first in the industry for 14 consecutive years, reaching 59.85 billion yuan

    time: 2017-09-14 17:34:52  source: china overseas holdings limited
    in the china real estate brand value evaluation conducted by industry authoritative organizations such as china real estate association and china index academy, china overseas land & investment ranked first in the industry again.
    september 14, 2017, organized by the state council development research center enterprise research institute, tsinghua university real estate research institute, china index research institute “2017 china real estate brand value research results release "meeting" was held in beijing. with its outstanding value creativity and brand strength, china overseas land & investment won the "china real estate industry leading company brand" for the 14th time, with a brand value of rmb 59.85 billion. china real estate customer satisfaction leading brand"; china overseas real estate commercial development co., ltd. was awarded the "2017 china commercial real estate company brand value top 10"; china overseas property was awarded the "2017 china property service professional operation leading brand enterprise" and "2017 china property service leading quality" brand".
    on september 13, at the "2017 china real estate enterprise brand value evaluation results conference and real estate brand value summit forum" held by china real estate association and china real estate evaluation center, for the seventh time in a row, china overseas land & investment ranked first in the "top 50 brand value companies in china's real estate development", with a brand value of 52.921 billion yuan; china overseas land commercial development co., ltd. ranked third in the "2017 top 10 commercial real estate companies in china in brand value" it was awarded the “2017 china real estate professional featured brand enterprise” with cooc's outstanding commercial asset operation and management capabilities; china overseas property won the third place in the “2017 china top 100 property management companies in comprehensive strength” and the “2017 china property management enterprise brand” fifth place in the "value 50".
    in the same period, two authoritative organizations gave industry-leading evaluations on the brand value and comprehensive strength of china overseas property, china overseas commercial property, and china overseas property, demonstrating china overseas property’s role in real estate development and commercial real estate. industry leadership in various business areas such as investment operations and property services.
    china overseas land & investment co., ltd. is the real estate business platform of china overseas group (a subsidiary of china state construction engineering corporation). it was founded in hong kong in 1979 and listed on the hong kong stock exchange in 1992 (stock code, referred to as "china overseas development"), the company was selected as a constituent stock of the hang seng index in 2007. in the first half of 2017, the operating performance of china overseas land & investment co., ltd. showed a rapid growth trend, and various operating indicators showed the benchmarking characteristics of the industry leader. achieved a sales contract value of 127.32 billion hong kong dollars, an increase of 33.7% year-on-year (an increase of 43% in rmb terms), and the corresponding sales area reached 7.8 million square meters, an increase of 30% year-on-year; profit and profitability continued to maintain industry leadership, achieving a net profit of 21.65 billion hong kong dollars , an increase of 25.2% year-on-year, net profit margin increased by 4.3 percentage points year-on-year to 24.8%, leading the industry in net profit margin.
    china overseas commercial real estate originated in hong kong, and implemented brand management in accordance with the operating principles of "unified ownership and operation", owned "china overseas" office buildings and "universal city" shopping the three major product lines of central and star-rated hotels, with projects covering more than 20 international and domestic economically active cities such as london, macau, beijing, shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, chengdu, nanjing, etc. at present, the area of ​​holding commercial properties has been put into operation. with 3 million square meters, it is one of the largest single-ownership office developers in mainland china.

    founded in 1986, china overseas property management is one of the industry pioneers that introduced the concept and management model of property management to mainland china. it was successfully listed on the hong kong stock exchange in november 2015. currently, the company has more than 22,000 employees and has contracted properties. there are nearly 500 projects, and the total area of ​​residential, commercial properties and government office buildings managed in hong kong, macau and the mainland exceeds 100 million square meters.

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