vice president li bai'an and his party went to china shipping group to investigate the development of overseas investment business | 中國海外集團-pg电子(中国)官方网站

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    vice president li bai'an and his party went to china shipping group to investigate the development of overseas investment business

    time: 2017-09-08 10:19:41  source: china overseas holdings limited

    september 4-5, vice president li baian of china state construction engineering co., ltd. went to china shipping group, china state construction international, and china overseas development to conduct special research on overseas investment business development. on the afternoon of the 4th, president li and his entourage visited the hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge that china shipping participated in the construction, and then went to the headquarters of china shipping group to listen to the report on the overall development of china shipping group’s overseas investment business. on the morning of the 5th, president li and his party listened to china state construction international’s overseas investment business. in the afternoon, i listened to reports on the development of china overseas development's mainland investment, hong kong and macau real estate development, and overseas investment business development. after the meeting, i visited the left bank project of china overseas development in the southern district of hong kong.

    during the investigation, mr. li and his entourage listened extensively to the opinions of the heads of all levels of china shipping group, and conducted in-depth exchanges on the further development of china shipping’s overseas investment business in the future. president li affirmed the achievements and progress made by china shipping group and related main business units in the development of overseas investment business, and expressed his appreciation for china shipping group's active implementation of the company's overseas business strategy. at the same time, he also expressed his appreciation for the future development of china shipping group's overseas investment business. provided guidance and proposed systematic suggestions. mr. li pointed out that the overall thinking of china shipping group in the development of overseas investment business of "one body, two wings, focusing on advantageous businesses and markets" is worthy of recognition and is in line with the overall development strategy of the company’s overseas investment business. he hopes that china shipping group will firmly grasp the country’s “one belt, one road” initiative. "strategic opportunities", leverage our own advantages, strengthen internal coordination and integration, use china state construction international and china overseas development as the two wings of overseas investment expansion, mobilize the enthusiasm of various business entities, improve the overall competitiveness of overseas investment business development, and further strengthen overseas investment business to achieve new breakthroughs and make due contributions to the development of overseas investment business of the joint-stock company.

    the main persons in charge of the corporate planning and management department, investment department, and overseas business department of the joint-stock company accompanied the investigation.