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china shipping group holds 2020 poverty alleviation work kick-off meeting

time: 2020-04-08 16:16:10  source: china overseas holdings limited

on april 8, china shipping group held the kick-off meeting of poverty alleviation work in 2020 to earnestly implement the overall requirements of poverty alleviation work of china construction group in 2020, summarize and analyze the experience and achievements of poverty alleviation work of china shipping group and the new situation and new requirements it faces, and study and deploy the key tasks of poverty alleviation work of the group this year. yan jianguo, chairman and general manager of cnooc group, attended and spoke at the meeting, and ma fujun, deputy general manager, presided over the meeting.

at the meeting, the group office conveyed the ideas and key points of china shipping group's poverty alleviation work in 2020, and introduced the task decomposition indicators of designated poverty alleviation work of each listed company. relevant persons in charge of the listed company respectively reported their poverty alleviation work in 2019, the difficulties and problems they faced, and the ideas and plans for poverty alleviation work in 2020.

yan jianguo summed up the meeting and said that all listed companies should closely follow the deployment requirements of china construction group, strive to focus on work priorities, increase resource investment, and spare no effort to help the three counties in gansu win the battle of poverty alleviation. he stressed four requirements: first, we should improve our position, carefully deploy the fight against poverty, strengthen the organization and leadership, grasp the early implementation of the task, at the same time, do a good job in propaganda summary and model building; second, we should give full play to the advantages of china shipping, actively cooperate with, expand and strengthen the "haihui preferred" e-commerce poverty alleviation brand, consolidate and enhance the achievements of education poverty alleviation work, increase the employment poverty alleviation work in the three counties of gansu, focus on helping zhuoni county and kangxian county's industrial poverty alleviation projects, and actively cooperate with the local government to do a good job in the operation planning scheme; third, we should adhere to brand innovation, create poverty alleviation and public welfare brands, and strive to open a new situation of poverty alleviation; fourth, we should focus on the project of benefiting the people and actively carry out charitable activities in hong kong.

the main persons in charge of the relevant departments of the group headquarters and the relevant persons in charge of the listed companies respectively attended the meeting at the main venue and the video sub venue.