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chairman yan jianguo meets with shenzhen mayor chen rugui

time: 2020-04-26 21:23:39  source: china overseas holdings limited

on april 24, yan jianguo, chairman of cnooc group, met with chen rugui, deputy secretary of shenzhen municipal party committee and mayor. the two sides had in-depth exchanges on how to further increase the investment in shenzhen and promote the all-round prosperity and development of shenzhen in the great historical opportunity of the construction of guangdong, hong kong and macao bay area and the establishment of shenzhen as a socialist pilot zone. zeng pai, secretary general of shenzhen municipal government, guo yuehua, deputy director of development and reform commission, deng feibo, executive deputy director of nanshan district, and zhong xiaohong, deputy inspector of housing construction bureau attended the talks.

at the meeting, yan jianguo expressed his gratitude to the shenzhen municipal party committee and government for their long-term trust and support to china shipping group, and introduced the operation situation, development plan of china shipping group in shenzhen and its proposal to participate in the investment and construction of shenzhen. he said that 2020 is a year of carrying on the past and opening up the future, and a new starting point for cnooc in the next 40 years. in the face of great changes not seen in a century, the international industrial structure is undergoing profound changes, and the domestic deepening reform is facing new challenges and opportunities. china shipping group plans to integrate its diversified industrial advantages, accelerate the transfer of core industries, form a headquarters economy, and bring a new growth pole for shenzhen's economic development. with its development experience in hong kong and macao, cnooc will increase its investment in shenzhen, fully participate in the construction of shenzhen government public projects, high-end medical projects, talent rooms, international schools, high-end hotels and other fields, and take the initiative to assume the responsibility and mission of central enterprises. zhang zhichao, ceo of cnooc enterprise development group, introduced the development plan for the transformation and upgrading of smart city's comprehensive operation services.

chen rugui welcomed yan jianguo and his party, fully affirmed the positive role of cnooc group as a hong kong funded central enterprise in the prosperity and stability of hong kong and macao and its important contribution to investment and construction in shenzhen, and expressed recognition and support for the future development layout of cnooc group. at the same time, he hoped that cnooc group could base itself on shenzhen, radiate the bay area and introduce high-quality resources at home and abroad, innovation and development of new momentum for the construction and development of shenzhen to contribute new and greater strength.

relevant leaders and persons in charge of relevant units of cnooc enterprise development group attended the activity.