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chairman yan jianguo meets with li bai'an, deputy general manager of china merchants group

time: 2020-07-10 14:31:12  source: china overseas holdings limited

on july 6, yan jianguo, chairman of china merchants group, met with 15 people including li bai'an, vice general manager of china merchants group, xu yongjun, chairman of china merchants shekou, and jiang tiefeng, general manager of china merchants group. luo liang, vice chairman of the board of directors and executive vice president, chief operating officer and chief architect of china shipping development, zhang zhichao, chief executive officer, zhang yi, vice president and guo guanghui, vice president of china shipping development, attended the meeting.

chairman yan jianguo extended a warm welcome to deputy general manager li baian and his party, and introduced the operation and development of cnooc group in recent years. yan dong said: cscec and cnooc have long maintained good cooperative relations with china merchants group and china merchants shekou, and have successful cooperation cases. it is hoped that the two sides will further deepen consensus and cooperation, give full play to their respective advantages, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

li baian, deputy general manager, expressed his thanks for the warm reception of china merchants group and focused on the business development of china merchants group. president li said that the two sides have high synergy in business cooperation. he hoped that on the basis of the existing cooperation, they would further innovate ideas and methods, learn from each other and improve the cooperation mechanism, so as to achieve win-win development.

zhang zhichao, chief executive of cnooc development, and jiang tiefeng, general manager of china merchants shekou, respectively introduced the basic situation of their respective companies and their operation and management in recent years. the two sides had in-depth exchanges on investment and development, operation management, cost management, supplier management, product r & d, stock asset management, assessment and incentive mechanism, and discussed real estate business cooperation opportunities in shenzhen and even across the country.

relevant business leaders and department heads of cnooc development and china merchants shekou participated in the exchange activities.