"happy children's club – 2016" china overseas "mainland – hong kong summer camp" was successfully held | 中國海外集團-pg电子(中国)官方网站

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"happy children's club - 2016" china overseas "mainland - hong kong summer camp" was successfully held

time: 2016-08-12 10:30:05  source: china overseas holdings limited

from august 1 to 5, 2016, a large-scale youth cultural exchange activity "happy children's society - 2016" overseas china "local hong kong students summer camp" was successfully held, which was sponsored by china overseas group, co sponsored by hong kong "cordial", undertaken by china overseas real estate jinan company, sponsored by china overseas love foundation and supported by jinan china overseas world city. a total of 92 teachers and students from 11 overseas hope primary schools in mainland china, caiyun st. joseph primary school in hong kong, and the children of zhonghai owners in jinan participated in the activity.

after dujiangyan in 2010, hong kong in 2011, chongqing in 2012, changchun in 2013, hangzhou in 2014 and foshan in 2015, the "happy children's society" moved to jinan, the capital of shandong province, the hometown of confucius and mencius. the activity is divided into two parts: "multi sports village" and "root seeking confucian culture". through interesting sports games and cultural experience, children can learn to unite and share, respect and cooperate, appreciate and accept different people, and try to build a multi society.

on the afternoon of august 1, the summer camp held a short and warm opening ceremony at quanhai primary school affiliated to zhonghai international community in jinan. li xianliang, deputy head of shizhong district of jinan city, wang luming, deputy director of the education bureau, as well as leaders and educators of relevant government departments such as principals of jingxi road primary school and nanshangshan street primary school, liu weimin, assistant general manager of china overseas group and vice president of china friendship association, as well as headquarters of china overseas group, north china district of cnooc, jinan company relevant leaders and colleagues from jinan commercial company and responsible units of overseas hope primary school attended the activity. under the leadership of the hong kong public welfare organization, all the guests and children took part in a warm-up exercise, clapping their hands and raising their legs. the simple and interesting movements made the atmosphere of the whole venue soar all the way. among the cheers, the "inclusive" mascot, which symbolizes "open acceptance, equal participation and learning appreciation", passed happily on everyone's heads. during this period, a number of provincial and municipal media came to the scene to interview and report.

during the five-day period, all participants carried out a number of non competitive games and tasks in groups, and completed such challenging links as "multiple athletes", "extreme sports challenge" and "building a pluralistic society together". the activities also arranged such cultural guided experiences as "visiting the holy land of confucianism", "visiting centennial mountain university" and "experiencing the new classroom around the world". the activity also organized teachers to have a summer camp experience sharing meeting and listened to teachers' valuable opinions. the relevant colleagues from the responsible units of overseas hope primary school also had a heated discussion on the group's social responsibility work.
participants have expressed that they have broadened their horizons and gained friendship during the summer camp, and will take this experience and memory back to do more communication and sharing.

happy group photo of opening ceremony

group warm up game of "multiple athletes"

young students participate in "extreme sports challenge"

make concerted efforts to transport "water of love"

special "huanyu new classroom"