china overseas development announced real estate sales in july 2020 | 中國海外集團-pg电子(中国)官方网站

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china overseas development announced real estate sales in july 2020

time: 2020-08-07 11:14:22  source: china overseas holdings limited

(hong kong, august 6, 2020) china overseas development co., ltd. (the "company"); share code: 0688. hk) announced that the company, together with its subsidiaries, joint ventures and associated companies (collectively referred to as "china overseas series companies") had contracted property sales of about rmb 21.49 billion in july, and the corresponding sold floor area was about 1220200 square meters.

from january to july 2020, the cumulative contract property sales of china's overseas series companies are about 193.503 billion yuan, and the corresponding cumulative sales area is about 10763300 square meters.

in july 2020, the company (together with its subsidiaries (collectively referred to as "the group") acquired 11 plots in shenyang, changchun, taiyuan, beijing, nanjing and guangzhou, with a total floor area of about 2357063.43 square meters. the land transfer fee payable by the group for relevant land acquisition is about rmb 12589.21 million.

note: there are various uncertainties in the process of sales and investment. the above sales and new land reserve data may differ from the figures disclosed in the periodic report. therefore, the above data are for reference only.