yan jianguo, chairman of cnooc group, meets with xu li, secretary of hanyang district party committee of wuhan city and his party | 中國海外集團-pg电子(中国)官方网站

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yan jianguo, chairman of cnooc group, meets with xu li, secretary of hanyang district party committee of wuhan city and his party

time: 2020-08-14 11:27:54  source: china overseas holdings limited

on the afternoon of august 12, yan jianguo, chairman of cnooc group, met with xu li, secretary of hanyang district party committee of wuhan, and his party at shenzhen zhonghai building. the two sides had in-depth exchanges on building hanyang riverside business district with high standards and further increasing investment in hanyang.

at the exchange meeting, the two sides first watched the promotional film of cnooc enterprises. chairman yan jianguo extended a warm welcome to secretary xu li and his party, and expressed his thanks to hanyang district of wuhan city for its long-standing support for zhonghai. then, mr. yan introduced the entrepreneurship and development of cnooc, and said: wuhan is a national central city, and cnooc is full of confidence in wuhan's social and economic development. cnooc's investment in hanyang riverside business district project and guiyuan plot project also represents cnooc's confidence and determination to continue to increase its resource investment and take root in wuhan. cnooc will give full play to its comprehensive and diversified industrial advantages in real estate investment, infrastructure investment, property services, commercial operation, planning and design, education and health care, actively participate in major projects in hanyang district and wuhan city, and work with hanyang district to seek new modes of cooperation based on the development and operation of existing projects, innovation and development of new ideas.

on behalf of hanyang district, secretary xu li expressed his gratitude to cnooc for its strong support for the economic development of hanyang district. secretary xu said: cnooc is the first batch of enterprises in hanyang district to resume work and production. it actively promotes the project to resume work and development. at the end of june, it won the guiyuan plot of hanyang core urban area with 14.42 billion yuan. it has implemented the spirit of general secretary xi jinping's important instructions on central enterprises helping hubei to revive development after the epidemic, showing the responsibility of central enterprises. hanyang district will fully support the development of cnooc in hanyang, give policy support and provide better services. it also hopes that cnooc will continue to build high-quality projects and enhance the overall image of hanyang city.

the two sides also discussed and exchanged views on the next promotion strategy of relevant projects.

after the talks, the leaders of both sides witnessed the signing ceremony of enterprises and businesses to be introduced into hanyang binjiang business district.

luo liang, vice chairman of the board of directors, executive vice president, chief operating officer and chief architect of cnooc development, zhang zhichao, chief executive officer and zhang yi, vice president of cnooc development and responsible persons of relevant units, cai song and chen weicheng, deputy district heads of hanyang district, and responsible persons of relevant departments attended the meeting.