yan jianguo, chairman of china shipping group, went to kangle county, gansu province to accompany him to investigate the targeted poverty alleviation work | 中國海外集團-pg电子(中国)官方网站

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yan jianguo, chairman of china shipping group, went to kangle county, gansu province to accompany him to investigate the targeted poverty alleviation work

time: 2020-08-27 16:02:24  source: china overseas holdings limited

on august 21, yan jianguo, chairman of china shipping corporation, accompanied zhou naixiang, chairman of china construction corporation, and huang kesi, vice president of china construction corporation, to many places in kangle county, gansu province to investigate the targeted poverty alleviation work. on the way, yan jianguo inspected jinggu mushroom planting and processing farmers' professional cooperative supported by china shipping corporation, and attended the national delivery ceremony of "kangle mushroom".

the research leaders and their party visited the "kangle mushroom" product exhibition, and learned about the "haihui wanjia" precision poverty alleviation model of cnooc group, as well as the model of building the "kangle mushroom" agricultural product brand and promoting product marketing.

at the departure ceremony, yan dong said that china shipping group actively responded to the call of the central government and, according to the unified deployment of china construction group, wholeheartedly invested in the work of poverty alleviation in consumption, e-commerce, industry, education and employment in three counties of gansu province. this year, cnooc group has specially planned packaging and marketing promotion for the "kangle mushroom" industry, and invested a lot of resources in the creation of mushroom brand and image design, trademark registration consultation, packaging design and production, logistics pipeline development, etc. at the beginning of july, "kangle lentinus edodes" was officially put on the market. in just over a month, the reservation amount has exceeded 4 million yuan. cnooc continues to promote its products in sales offices, communities, office buildings and shopping centers across the country, and "kangle mushroom" has entered thousands of households. it is believed that under the leadership of cscec and the cooperation of kangle county, "kangle lentinus edodes" will become a star agricultural product to get rid of poverty and become rich, adding strength and glory to targeted poverty alleviation.

yan delivered a purchase check of 4 million yuan to wu guojun, secretary of kangle county party committee.

guo heli, secretary of gansu linxia state party committee, relevant leaders of kangle county party committee and county government, shi chunhai, chairman of china construction group office and enterprise culture department, chairman of china construction northwest municipal engineering institute, and responsible persons of china shipping development comprehensive management department and china shipping hongyang lanzhou company attended the departure ceremony.

during the poverty alleviation research in kangle county, mr. yan also accompanied the leaders of china construction group to inspect the project of rural eco-tourism comprehensive service center in basong township, the professional cooperative of farmers with fungus breeding in hejiagou village, the poverty alleviation workshop of cloth shoes processing in jinggu village, etc., and participated in the fixed-point poverty alleviation research forum of china construction group kangle county.