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cnooc holds talent work meeting in 2020

time: 2020-09-29 11:56:58  source: china overseas holdings limited

from september 26 to 27, cnooc held the 2020 talent work conference to comprehensively implement the new spirit and new requirements of the national organization work conference, the china construction group deepening the reform of cadre and personnel system and the china construction group talent work conference. yan jianguo, chairman and general manager of cnooc group, made an important speech at the meeting. chen xiaofeng, executive director and chief financial officer, and ma fujun, director and deputy general manager, attended the meeting.

at the meeting, yan jianguo delivered an important speech entitled "gathering the enterprisers and encouraging the promising", which comprehensively expounded the characteristics of talents and organizational culture of china shipping corporation, deeply analyzed the new tasks of talent team and organizational construction under the new form, and arranged the direction and requirements for the reform and innovation of talent team and organizational construction.

yan jianguo pointed out that in the face of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control and accelerating the formation of a new development pattern with domestic circulation as the main body and domestic and international double circulation promoting each other, we must adhere to the problem orientation, deeply reflect on and speed up the improvement of the deficiencies and problems in talent management, and further improve and optimize the organizational construction of the group.

yan jianguo stressed that facing the high-quality development of the group in the new era, it is necessary to accelerate the establishment of a five in one human resource management system of strategy, organization, talent, mechanism and culture. in view of the next stage of the group's talent team and organization construction, he proposed "ten improvements", that is, to take a clear-cut stand to strengthen the concept of selection and employment of cnooc: to find people with a sense of mission among high-performance employees, to select and reuse "luowen" of cnooc with strong self driving force; guided by the "14th five year plan" and guided by the annual business objectives, we should scientifically, quantitatively and prospectively strengthen the construction of echelon talents; optimize the staff establishment mechanism, establish the mechanism of determining the total salary, gradually promote the work efficiency linkage mechanism, and establish an intensive and efficient talent team; continuously optimize the salary and incentive mechanism, and continuously promote equity incentive; organizations and people should be assessed separately, and their medium and long-term success scale and annual kpi should be clarified respectively; we should fully implement the assessment system from the horizontal to the edge and from the vertical to the bottom; improve the more scientific career growth mechanism, open up the talent growth channel; we should make good use of personnel and promote them; further improve the exit mechanism; optimize all kinds of awards and honor settings at all levels, and clarify the evaluation criteria and award procedures.

chen xiaofeng made a summary of the working meeting on the 26th. he pointed out that all staff of cnooc should deeply understand the significance of talent work to the group's first-class goal, timely learn and publicize the spirit of talent work meeting, actively adapt to the new situation and new requirements of talent work, make every effort to complete six special plans, strive hard, and successfully complete the annual target tasks.

ma fujun summed up the two-day talent work meeting. he stressed that first-class career needs first-class talents, and first-class talents build first-class career. cnooc strives for the first class, will continue to strengthen the construction of human resources system, continue to deepen the reform of professional manager system, continue to optimize the construction of performance management system, and continue to strive for the strategic goal of "one creation and five strengths" of cscec.

the agenda of this talent work meeting has distinct themes, various forms and rich contents. at the meeting, cnooc's "leading culture" system, cnooc's leadership model "leader " and cnooc's labor cost benchmarking system were released; the human resources department of cnooc real estate shares the practical experience in the transformation of the three pillars of human resources. the human resources department of the group introduces the youth talent development plan of cnooc; six senior executives of listed companies and general managers of regional companies delivered keynote speeches; the round table forum was launched from three directions of "building agile organization, training young talents and promoting culture landing"; peng jianfeng, professor of renmin university of china, liu xin and jiang weijia, senior partner of ernst & young, are invited to conduct in-depth analysis and expansion from the three major sectors of culture landing, performance management and human resources frontier.

the conference was held in a combination of on-site and video. there were 174 video sub venues in china and the main venue in shenzhen. a total of 1755 people attended the conference.