yan jianguo, chairman of cnooc group, went to beijing to express sympathy to front-pg电子(中国)官方网站

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yan jianguo, chairman of cnooc group, went to beijing to express sympathy to front-line employees

time: 2021-02-17 09:37:15  source: china overseas holdings limited

on the morning of february 16, yan jianguo, chairman of cnooc group, led a team to beijing's three key projects, namely, cnooc jingshanfu, cnooc world vision and a3, to cordially greet the front-line project, case site and property staff who have been sticking to their posts during the spring festival, and to express our heartfelt thanks to you for sticking to your posts and actively responding to the initiative of "celebrating the chinese new year on the spot".

during the spring festival, the construction site of the project is in good order, the sales case is in full swing, and the community buildings are a peaceful scene. yan dong carefully understood the project construction, property sales, community service and other work, as well as the normalized epidemic prevention and control and safety production situation, inquired about the work arrangements during and after the spring festival in detail, fully affirmed the positive work results of the key projects, and highly praised the front-line staff's spirit of working together and leading the tide.

every time he went to a project, a crime scene or a community, mr. yan shook hands with the front-line staff, delivered warm sympathy to them, and sent them festival blessings. mr. yan told the managers of all units to ensure the life of the staff who stick to their posts during the spring festival and enrich the spiritual and cultural activities; we should strictly do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and adhere to the principle of safety first and quality first; scientific work plan, reasonable arrangement of work and rest time, to ensure that we spend a happy and peaceful spring festival. at the same time, mr. yan expressed his sincere hope to all of you, and encouraged all employees to care about and support the business development of the group as always, so as to make more contributions to the "14th five year plan".

in the no.3 project department of cnooc, mr. yan and staff representatives joined hands in the canteen of the project to make dumplings and talk home. the staff canteen was full of laughter and warmth.
relevant personnel of cnooc real estate and cnooc real estate were accompanied to participate in the condolence.