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    china overseas property has again been ranked no.1 as the leading brand in china's real estate industry

    time:2021-05-26 16:04:03source: china overseas holdings limited

    with the gradual maturity of china's real estate market and the improvement of specialization and scale of real estate enterprises, china's real estate market is rapidly stepping into the era of brand competition. on september 24, 2005, at the "2005 china real estate brand value research results conference" held by the top 10 research group of china's real estate held by beijing central party school, cnooc real estate won the leading brand of china's real estate industry again by virtue of its advantages in brand strength and brand premium, and won the first place in the leading brand of china's real estate industry with a brand value of 3.311 billion yuan.
    cnooc real estate is the brand name of the real estate business of china overseas group co., ltd. the brand was born in hong kong, radiates to macao, and its light is greater than that of the mainland. china overseas group co., ltd. was incorporated in hong kong in 1979. after 26 years of unremitting efforts, china overseas group has gradually developed into an enterprise group with assets of nearly 30 billion hong kong dollars, which mainly focuses on real estate construction. its china overseas development co., ltd. was listed on the stock exchange of hong kong in august 1992 (stock code: 0688), which is the first time for chinese enterprises to list directly in hong kong. in 2004, china overseas development co., ltd. made a profit of hk $1.075 billion. since 2002, china overseas development co., ltd. has been listed as the first listed real estate company in china by fortune magazine. in the research on the brand value of china's real estate in 2004 conducted by the top 10 research group of china's real estate, cnooc real estate ranked first in china's real estate enterprises with a brand value of 2.601 billion. in 2005, china overseas development co., ltd. won the first place in the comprehensive strength of china's top 100 real estate development enterprises, obtained two investment grade ratings given by moody's and standard & poor's, and successfully issued us $300 million 7-year bonds, creating a precedent for china's real estate companies to obtain international ratings and issue bonds in the international capital market.
    as early as the early 1980s, cnooc real estate actively and cautiously set foot in the real estate market of hong kong. it has invested and led the development of hailian plaza, china overseas building, yalide huatai, nanlang bay, and the world wide projects in macao. it has gained a good reputation in the market and established a distinct brand image. at the same time, cnooc real estate has also jointly developed many large and super large projects with well-known large real estate developers in hong kong, such as aohai city, regal bay, etc. in 1988, with a strategic vision, cnooc real estate organically combined hong kong's experience with the advantages of the mainland and won the bid for the first international tender in shenzhen. later, it developed into a noble residential haifu garden. in 1990, cnooc real estate entered the shanghai market and transformed the "xieshan area", which was once very interesting to 50 foreign businessmen but was reluctant to retreat, into a landmark high-end residential community haihua garden, which has made a positive contribution to the transformation of the old city of shanghai. at present, cnooc real estate has completed the development of more than 4 million square meters.
    in recent years, china overseas group has accelerated a new round of strategic transformation, constantly shifting its investment focus to the domestic real estate market. the group has also accelerated the integration of the whole cnooc real estate business, making the brand of "cnooc real estate" separate from the level of a certain company and specific project, the concept of forming a big brand covers all the real estate projects developed by china overseas in the mainland, hong kong and macao, making the brand image of "china overseas real estate" more distinct, stronger and more cohesive.
    after more than 20 years of careful building, cnooc real estate has formed its own unique three characteristics. first, the whole process of brand“ "cnooc real estate" has formed a development trend covering planning and design, construction, property management and other real estate development business links, and has established an excellent brand image in their respective fields, which is unique among the major real estate development enterprises in the country. it is one of the biggest characteristics that "cnooc real estate" brand is different from other brands and forms a strong competitive advantage. real estate, design, construction and property management support each other, forming a strong internal resource base to support the development of real estate business in the long run, further consolidating and improving the competitiveness of the brand. the company is the vanguard of hong kong's construction industry, which has undertaken major projects such as hong kong passenger airport building and disneyland; the market share and management level of zhonghai property has always been the first in the same industry in china; hong kong huayi design consulting company, which is controlled by the company, also has a good reputation in the industry. second, national brands“ "zhonghai real estate" not only covers 12 cities in mainland china, such as shenzhen, guangzhou, foshan, zhongshan, shanghai, nanjing, suzhou, ningbo, beijing, changchun, chengdu and xi'an, but also covers the real estate business in hong kong and macao. it has initially completed the layout with the focus on hong kong and macao, yangtze river delta, pearl river delta and bohai rim economic circle, as well as the central cities in the mainland as point support. it is a real national brand in terms of regional coverage. at present, the group has a land reserve with a developable construction area of more than 12 million square meters. third, effective brand value management system. brand is a contract based on trust, which reflects the company's values and originality. only by using effective brand value management to enhance the unique difference of the brand and make customers have a sense of trust, can we establish the enterprise brand and gain competitive advantage in the market. the core values of cnooc real estate are integrity, innovation, pragmatism and refinement. over the past 20 years, cnooc real estate has always adhered to the belief of practicality and humanization, and attached great importance to integrating this concept into all aspects of brand value management, such as product quality, service and corporate culture, so as to make consumers feel credible, realistic and tasteful about the products and services of cnooc real estate. cnooc real estate adheres to "process boutique" to shape "building boutique", takes institutionalized, standardized and programmed professional management as the basis of quality assurance, and is strict, so that high quality becomes the essence, foundation and life of cnooc brand. cnooc real estate has always insisted on constantly surpassing in innovation, taking "product technology development" as the key to market competition, and on the basis of fully considering the purchasing power that buyers can bear, it strives for perfection in technology research and development, innovation, transformation and application. china overseas has won the second prize of national science and technology progress award twice. cnooc real estate was born in hong kong with a complete market economy. honesty has become the core of corporate culture. it is responsible for customers, employees and society. over the past 20 years, the group company has donated more than 50 million hong kong dollars to disaster relief, education and public welfare in hong kong and the mainland, and has a good knowledge of products and brands the shaping and sublimation of reputation has injected a new source of development into the enterprise.
    looking forward to the future, cnooc real estate said that in the future of market internationalization, the competition among enterprises will be the battle of ideas, integrity and brand. with the in-depth development of the real estate industry, the increasing market competition and the maturity of consumers, china's real estate industry will also be in a period of great change, integration and restructuring in the increasingly homogeneous product competition. to this end, cnooc real estate clearly put forward the long-term development goal of building a century old evergreen foundation and promoting sustainable development. cnooc real estate will take the continuous improvement of brand value as the core development goal and performance criterion of the enterprise, and adhere to the development strategy of scale, specialization and branding. based on maintaining its own characteristics and advantages, guided by better meeting the needs of customers, we constantly improve the effective management system and means accumulated for many years, integrate the business philosophy of "integrity, innovation, pragmatism and refinement" into every link of project development, dare to innovate and be good at innovation, and always maintain the foresight of products, so as to provide more and more services for customers more satisfactory products, so as to steadily improve the market position, seek long-term stable and healthy development, and ensure the continuous innovation of shareholder value, brand value and employee value.
    the top 10 research group of china real estate is composed of three research institutions: enterprise institute of development research center of the state council, real estate research institute of tsinghua university and china index research institute, which is highly authoritative, professional and scientific. in 2005, under the national macro-control, the real estate market has changed, the real estate enterprises have structural adjustment, and the fierce market competition highlights the role of brand value in the development of real estate enterprises. the top 10 research group of china's real estate released the latest results of "2005 china's real estate brand value research", which fully shows the style of china's real estate brand enterprises, and will play a positive role in promoting the healthy development of china's real estate industry.