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    csci announced its 2018 interim results

    time: 2018-08-21 18:05:27  source: china overseas holdings limited

    (21 august 2018) china state construction international holdings limited (“csci” or“the group”, stock code: 03311) announced its 2018 interim results today. for the six months ended 30 june 2018, the revenue was hk$27,106 million, representing an increase of 18.0% as compared with the same period of last year. the unaudited profit attributable to the owners of the group was hk$2,522 million, representing an increase of 20.5% as compared to the same period of last year. basic core earnings per share increased by 7.4% to hk50.0 cents. the board declared the payment of an interim dividend of hk15.00 cents per share, representing about 30% of dividend payout ratio.

    while the stable, full-scale recovery of the global economy continued into the first half of the year, potential risks were seen increasing. the increasing pace of the normalisation of the u.s. federal reserve’s monetary policy amidst strong u.s. economic growth was driving the gradual rise of global financing costs. in china, the quality of economic development further improved, as the nation embraced a new era underpinned by the intensive implementation of reform and opening measures as well as stable progress of “deleveraging and risk prevention” guidelines.

    this year, the group has called for “progress with prudence, the precedence of efficiency, heritage and innovation, and the priority of quality” as its operating principles. we made pragmatic and prudent efforts and sought solid results in business development amidst complex and volatile economic and market conditions. in adherence to the development strategy of “project construction and infrastructure investment as dual-core business drivers”and in close tandem with the pace of national developments in the new era, we were constantly innovating our business and management models while effectively addressing risks and challenges with the advantage afforded by the connectivity of our internal and external resources, in a move to drive qualitative business development.

    in the second half of the year, the trend of global economic recovery will hopefully continue, although factors potentially contributing to instability and uncertainty are increasing, as market concerns will be focused on policy adjustments by major economies and their spillover effects, trade tensions and geopolitical risks. based on its astute understanding of macro-economic movements and industry development trends, the group will formulate forward-looking business strategies and enhance its ability to analyse and respond to market developments in proactive response to changes in external business conditions.

    our hong kong and macau operations will strengthen regional links and synergies through vigorous engagement in the macro-development schemes of the nation, such as guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area development. in connection with our contracting business, we will foster a sound brand image by enhancing servicing awareness and quality management, as we focus on major projects and government works with sizeable scale, advanced technologies and considerable social influence. in connection with our investment business, we will draw lessons from previous positive experience in a timely fashion to enhance business model innovation, making diligent efforts in the investment in and operation of investment-driven contracting business. in the meantime, we will continue to grow our innovative business and strive for breakthroughs in bim, modular integrated construction (mic), smart work sites and ecommerce platforms for construction materials.

    our investment business in mainland china will step up with transformation and upgrade in line with national policies. in our traditional ppp business, we will enhance our ability to deliver projects in association with the government as we seek to secure, on a highly selective basis, sound and legally compliant local projects which are strong in financial backing, sizeable in scale, brief in cooperation period and predominantly paid by project users. we will step up with business model innovation with a special emphasis on the business model for industrial new towns. interaction within the group will be enhanced to identify opportunities for consolidated application of industrial resources, while specialised teams will be built. criteria for project assessment will be formulated to facilitate early implementation of exemplary projects which will form the basis for replication and a new niche for profit growth.

    underpinned by the business strategy of “big market, big clients and big project” and the business philosophy of “unwavering focus on the high-end market and provision of high-quality services”, feg ( will conduct effective brand promotion and market development, while enhancing its operational and management control models in light of the characteristics of different markets to optimise its business deployment in its three major markets, namely, hong kong and macau, north america and mainland china. management and control over projects on hand will be strengthened, with a view to bolstering our core competitiveness in design, procurement, production and construction as we seek to maintain sound profitability.