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property services

property services
the company provides full lifecycle services with excellent construction products, and forges ahead for standardization, delicacy, professionalism and customization, creating higher value for customers and business partners, as well as facilitating the industry development.
164 164cities
pre-sales sites projects
500 500
property management projects
1999 1999
provide services to
over 5.50 5.50 million customers
gfa under management
287 402 million square meters

data as of april, 2024

  • full lifecycle services with a focus on construction products
  • residential property services
  • commercial property services
  • government property services
  • industrial park services
  • xinhai wulian
  • un
  • meibo engineering

full lifecycle services with a focus on construction products

the company provides full lifecycle services with a focus on construction projects. we offers developers whole-process property consulting and management services in the property development stage, which include product positioning consulting, gardening, interior fine finishing and vetting of building plans, advice on equipment and facility selection, pre-delivery services, delivery supporting services, delivery inspection services and engineering service quality monitoring, providing superb ability in our upstream and downstream supply chain integration.

residential property services

china overseas is best renowned by its excellent quality, elite service team, advanced management service system and mature intelligent technology to customers. adhering to the motto of being a “trusted manager of property assets”, we dedicate to provide customers with delicate and professional property delegation and consultation services.

commercial property services

to provide high quality property services to grade a office buildings and commercial complexes, with over 100 “fortune global 500” companies are our tenants. the company also provides full lifecycle asset management services solution to property owners, tenants, developers and investors, achieving the maximization of clients’ asset value.

government property services

with more than 20 years of property management experience to government organizations, china overseas dedicates to provide safe, reliable and professional management services to different units in the government and to public facilities, becoming the most reliable business partners for the government, state-owned enterprises and chinese enterprises.

industrial park services

the company continued to promote the digital transformation based on technologies including internet of things middle platform and artificial intelligence, with the set-up of a personalized environment, we achieve a full connection of facilities and systems throughout the building area, dedicating to build a 6s park with “convenient, safe, efficient, eco-friendly, warm, sharing”.

xinhai wulian

xinhai wulian is the leading, full value-chain service provide for the smart community in mainland, aiming to provide a total solution to the smart community. xinhai wulian also engaged in technology innovation and has developed the x-start internet of things platform and ifm intelligence facility management platform, providing the smart community experience for residents.



the company offers community value-added services under the brand of un , which aims to create a vibrant and sustainable business environment for its communities by use of both online and offline channels, and expand its services reach through market-oriented strategies.


meibo engineering

meibo engineering co., ltd. is a professional subsidiary of copl, which provides various value-added engineering services for developers, government departments, enterprise units, internal projects and owner representatives. main business of meibo engineering co., ltd. includes engineering construction, engineering management, engineering supervision, engineering maintenance, pre-reference drawing, hardcover loading, inspection, decoration, electromechanical installation and maintenance, garden construction and maintenance.

in october 2019, the company was established to develop business in the mainland market. in 2021, it has successively established branches in lots of cities to undertake engineering business all over the country.